Funner: Because making waves should be more than just a figure of speech

By Kailani Wetherell for Sustainable Surf, 26 June 2024. 

Eddie Rosenberg, a passionate climate advocate, thrives at the crossroads of board design, brand strategy, and environmental action. And he’s on a mission to make board building funner. Okay, we know that’s TECHNICALLY not a word, but as the Founder of FUNNER Surf Craft, Eddie is integrating state-of-the-art robotics with timeless craftsmanship to create heirloom-quality surfboards that are both affordable and sustainable.

The spark for FUNNER came from a disappointing glass job on a new surfboard. Eddie pondered why surfers cling to foam and fiberglass despite their shortcomings. Unable to shake this thought, he began prototyping the very next day. Driven by a deep passion, Eddie leads a mission-driven startup with a profound commitment to positive impact. FUNNER Surf champions eco-friendly boards, embedding sustainability into its core philosophy. At a time of global climate and pollution challenges, Eddie believes every industry must shift away from toxic practices towards meaningful sustainability initiatives.

Their approach blends cutting-edge robotics with traditional craftsmanship:  

Step 1: Air Cores, akin to parabolic rails, are 3D printed from 100% recycled PETG.

Step 2: These cores are enveloped with Paulownia wood decking.

Step 3: Internal lamination of the decking uses organic hemp cloth and bio-based epoxy, eliminating toxic emissions.

Step 4: External surfaces receive a hydrophobic, plant-derived oil treatment for durability.

FUNNER designs cater to everyday surfers, enhancing wave-catching ability and maneuverability. Accessibility is key, achieved through efficient board-building processes like 3D printing Air Cores, which eliminates traditional glassing and reduces costs.

Eddie’s commitment to sustainability led him to adopt ECOBOARD certification early on, an ethos that continues to drive FUNNER Surf’s innovations. Their latest endeavors include transitioning to 100% bio-based, BPA-free epoxy and introducing a new, ocean-friendly filament for 3D printing.

Above all, Eddie aims to inspire others to pursue sustainable design. He recommends Shapr3D for prototyping, a tool integral to FUNNER’s design process. Despite the serious mission, Eddie finds joy in airbrushing board rails to the tunes of Tenacious D, using GREENGUARD Gold Certified paints.

A place where “the ultimate wisdom resides” whether it be from Oregon, to New Zealand, to Australia, Eddie emphasizes the value of community and collaboration among ECOBOARD builders worldwide. He goes on to highlight the importance of learning from your community, which is an inspiring adventure—one Eddie hopes we all get to experience. 

Ready to ride the wave? Follow along as they continue to develop and provide boards that don’t break the bank or the planet.