Qualified Criteria

Level One

ECOBOARD Level One makes it easy for any board builder to get started making ECOBOARDS. By using one Qualified Material (core or resin), a board will have a significant reduction in environmental footprint without affecting performance, durability, or quality.

A Qualified Material must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Plant-based, low to zero VOC resin with at least 19% bio-carbon content in the fully cured resin (the sum of all component parts)
  • Core with at least 25% recycled or plant-based content, or wood constituting at least 50% of the core by weight

Gold Level

To qualify as a material specific to the Gold Level designation, a material must meet the following requirements:

Wooden boards that require little to no resin and/or fiberglass in their manufacture (e.g. an alaia made from FSC Certified paulownia), produced by manufacturers that have been audited and have met the requirements of the Gold Level designation, also qualify as Gold Level boards.