Green Waves: Bosiny’s Breakthrough with High-Performance Wood Surfboards

By Kailani Wetherell for Sustainable Surf, 18 June 2024. 

“In today’s throwaway society, building things to last is the ultimate sustainability. While most surfboards deteriorate within a few years, Bosiny boards are designed to perform and look ‘like new’ for decades – backed by our no-snap guarantee” explains John Railton, co-founder of Bosiny alongside Alex King, both surfers from the UK. John’s background is in music and management, while Alex has spent decades making fine furniture. The two wanted boards that rip and go easy on the planet, and it was their combined love for surfing, design, and eco-responsibility that has sparked their journey. Their bond drives their brand, where top-notch performance meets sustainable innovation.

The inception of Bosiny dates back nearly 15 years, sparked by conversations between the two friends about crafting wooden surfboards. Motivated by the premature demise of conventional boards—culminating in a pivotal moment when both snapped their new boards in a single outing—their determination to pioneer a sustainable approach to surfboard construction was ignited.

Their pursuit faced numerous obstacles until the COVID-19 pandemic provided the opportunity to delve into research and development. This period of intensive exploration led to the groundbreaking technology that defines Bosiny’s board shapes today.

Their unwavering dedication and innovative spirit was proved when they created the first-ever hollow wood surfboard to compete at the pro level during the 2023 WSL Pro Santa Cruz QS event. The team extends their thanks to Caina Souza, a pivotal Bosiny team rider whose belief in their vision was instrumental in this success.

However, Bosiny isn’t just a passion project—it’s a hustle. And turns out, folks are frothing over these boards, setting us up for a wild ride with the future looking bright.

Their commitment to sustainability is full scope – from the renewable materials used to make their products, to their low-impact manufacturing process, to developing designs with maximum longevity.

With a steadfast commitment to eco-consciousness, Bosiny leads the charge in crafting sustainable boards. Drawing on Alex’s expertise in fine furniture craftsmanship, they’ve embraced wood as the ideal material for shaping, perfectly aligning with their vision for eco-friendliness. Notably, 95% of the materials they use are organic, and when you factor in the air in the boards, they are 99% organic by volume. If that’s not a stat to be stoked, what is?

To add onto this, by prioritizing the end-of-life performance of their products and aiming to enhance the earth upon disposal, the remaining 5% of synthetic components are recyclable, thus further minimizing environmental impact.

In a thorough CO2 study, the carbon footprint of their manufacturing process was evaluated. Each board emerged as carbon negative, averaging -17kg CO2 per board. This accomplishment is largely due to the CO2 absorption by Paulownia trees before they are used in Bosiny boards.

Believing strongly in the durability of their products, the team offers a no-snap guarantee. “We have such confidence in our boards that we want to show it to our customers,” explains John. “That’s why we provide a no-snap guarantee on every board we sell. If you break one while surfing, we will replace it with a new one.”

By participating in the ECOBOARD Project, it’s more than just seizing an opportunity—it’s about joining a collective movement that brings together eco-conscious individuals and the entire surf industry. This collaboration benefits Bosiny and drives positive change across the industry. The ECOBOARD Project serves as a strong endorsement, sending a clear message to customers and manufacturers whenever its logo appears on an eco-friendly board. This symbolizes a shift in mindset and propels the industry toward a more sustainable future.

While remaining steadfast in their commitment to build upon their achievements, the team aims for a sweet spot of affordability, durability, and top-notch performance that appeals to everyday surfers. This demographic, accustomed to the convenience and lower cost of semi-disposable foam-core shortboards, poses a significant challenge to win over.

When looking ahead, Bosiny eagerly anticipates hitting the waves with their boards, but for now, they’re heads down, crafting and distributing as many as they can. Together with other ECOBOARD pioneers, they’re aiming to convince surfers that truly sustainable, high-performance surfboards exist. The more renowned surfers they can get aboard their boards, the louder this message resonates.

Ready to throw airs on trees? Follow along @bosinysurf as they continue to crack the code in sustainable surfing.