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Steph Gilmore rides Rob Machado ECOBOARD – STAB

Corona x STAB – Electric Acid Surfboard Test: Stephanie Gilmore x Rob Machado ECOBOARD edit.

Rob Machado shapes a surfboard for the queen of the surf, Stephanie Gilmore to put to the test. Have a look at how it performs in Corona’s Electric Acid Surfboard Test.

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Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky today announced its partnership with Sustainable Surf, a California-based non-profit that protects and restores ocean health by shifting people to a highly desirable, low-carbon, ‘Deep Blue’ lifestyle. This is the first U.S. partner in Old Pulteney’s new global campaign, Rise With The Tide. Known as ‘The Maritime Malt’, the whisky is highlighting its coastal roots by following inspirational stories of those whose lives have been shaped by the sea. 

For more info on the partnership:

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Starboard – a SUP and windsurf brand with 25 years of innovative board building and design –
reaches Sustainable Surf’s Gold Level status for their Carbon Balsa technology board range.

It’s no small task – requiring multiple audits of source materials, building facilities and processes,
and for a brand as large as Starboard, commitment to helping the environment on a company-
wide level.

Starboard’s Carbon Balsa technology makes them the 1 st SUP Brand to mass-produce a Gold Level
ECOBOARD SUP. Gold Level is awarded for using sustainable materials, sourced from responsible
supply chains, with improved manufacturing processes.  Working closely with Sustainable Surf,
Starboard developed several eco-conscious innovations from scrutinizing the materials used and
how they build their boards.

“One of the most satisfying parts of my work is the challenge to redesign our products to lower
the environmental impact and achieve higher performance. Sustainable Surf is setting the goal
posts for the industry to not only fast track, but to showcase how quickly and easily it can be to
change the way we build better boards for the planet.” Ollie O’Reilly – SUP Product Manager.

“The team at Sustainable Surf continue to be impressed and inspired by Starboard’s holistic
commitment to sustainability and ocean-health. Our mission to protect and preserve ocean
health starts with people and brands making better choices everyday – just like the ECOBOARD
SUPs  produced by Starboard, especially their new range of Gold Level models. We look forward
to seeing the next round of eco-innovations from the team at Starboard.” Brett Giddings –
Sustainable Surf.

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