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Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS
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Brand Description Airush fuses their passion for innovation with the demands of the most discerning riders. The focus on creating the perfect kiteboarding experience through testing and innovative technical design, while always maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship.

“As outdoor athletes we engage deeply with our environment and we understand that it is the duty of all of us to actively seek a way of life that does less harm to the environment and leads to a sustainable lifestyle. At Airush we have increasingly focused on our environmental footprint over the last few years, and this will continue to be at the core of all that we do as a brand.” – Airush



Surfboard Sustainability
Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS using Qualifying Resins.
Brand Sustainability  Airush’s first step in terms of environmental responsibility has always been to build only the highest quality products possible, so that they can last for years. This was first evident five years ago when Airush became the first company in the industry to offer a full two year breakage warranty on freeride twintips. And they are now offering the Airush Load Frame, which effectively doubles the performance lifespan of the kite.

Airush has also been working with companies such as Entropy and Sicomin to help to introduce plant-based, reduced carbon footprint resins to mass production processes, and have been sharing as much of their knowledge with the industry as possible.

This philosophy is championed in their Team Series Reefer, which showcases Airush’s desire to connect more strongly with the environment, along with the value of pushing riding boundaries.

With strong ties to sustainability-leader Starboard, Airush is also seeking to reduce carbon footprints, leave a positive impact on communities where they operate and work with the kitesurfing community to share best practice.

ECOBOARD Audit Results Airush’s Thailand-based manufacturing partner was audited by Sustainable Surf.

The audit identified that Airush has comprehensive systems in place to ensure that boards ‘carrying’ the ECOBOARD label meet the ECOBOARD Project requirements. Their partner has sector-leading processes and procedures that ensure boards are made to the ECOBOARD specification, appropriate protections are in place for staff regarding occupational health and safety risks, and broader environmental impacts are considered and managed.

Comprehensive records of the audit results are held by Sustainable Surf.

Audit date 06/28/2016


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Approved to make Level One ECOBOARDS
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Brand Description Inspired by the intuited hydrodynamic genius of the ancient Hawaiian board builders,  Wawa Surfboards craft eco-friendly boards using hands, heads and hearts.

“Quality, respect for our roots and a belief in the sanctity of nature are cornerstones in all we design, build and ride.” – Wawa Wooden Surfboards


Surfboard Sustainability
Level One ECOBOARDS using qualifying resins and blanks.

STRINGERS: Locally harvested Karoo Agave or Sisal, as well as locally grown

BLANKS: Erythrina or CoralCORE: Recycled EPS & PU blanks + Recyclable EPS (Produced locally)

RESIN: Entropy Bio Epoxy Resin

CLOTH: Juta or Hessian + Hempcloth + Cork + Ply

Eco+ with each one of Wawa’s boards:
– Wooden leash plugs (locally harvested wood)
– Stringers in each blank is made by us, using locally harvested Karoo Agave or Sisal
– Wawa natural surf wax

Wawa’s latest range of surfboards are made out of EPS with only wood (ply and cork) that are sealed in several layers of oil. No resin and no fiberglass!


Contact Name Cobus Joubert
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Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS and Gold Level ECOBOARDS
Brand Description Woodpecker blends Tom Blake’s hollow wooden construction techniques with modern light- weight materials and contemporary designs to create the Woodpecker wooden surfboard range of performance surfboards.

Woodpecker natural wooden surfboards are glassed with SUPERSAP plant-based epoxy.


Ecoboard Audit Results Woodpecker Surfboards was remotely audited by Sustainable Surf. The company has effective processes to ensure approved materials are used in boards using both Level One and Gold Level ECOBOARD.
Audit date 07/30/2018
Surfboard Sustainability
Woodpecker sources only FSC Certified Paulownia decks on an internal framework of recycled marine ply and every Woodpecker board is laminated and glassed with Entropy Supersap.
Energy All Woodpecker boards are post-cured over 2days using a passive solar bag-oven of their own creation.
Waste All wood chips, shavings and saw dust we produce is collected, bagged and delivered to Soil for Life – a non-profit organisation providing sponsored subsistence vegetable garden initiatives to less fortunate communities in Cape Town. See for more info.)

Woodpecker uses recycled plywood for the internal framework of all boards and make-up internal filler panels for the fin box of each board using recycled surf foam.

In an effort to remove all plastics from their boards Woodpecker have designed natural Bamboo components – a very simple leash plug is already in use and a finbox design currently under test.

Packaging Most boards are hand-delivered.
Health and safety Safety eye glasses are obligatory when operating hand machines and face masks are also routinely used when sanding raw woods and cured epoxy. Bill (the owner) is the only person authorised to use the bench saw and planer/thicknesser to ensure that full safety standards are observed with these relatively dangerous machines. All laminating, glassing ,epoxy work, machining and sanding is carried out in an extremely well ventilated area – open to the natural fresh air and passing breezes!


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Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS
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Brand Description The company is foremost a surfboard glassing business that also facilitates with incorporating sustainable cores. Glassing is focused on the use of bio-resins and natural fiber reinforcement.


Surfboard Sustainability Ecoboard Level One boards using qualifying resins and blanks

Utilizing sustainable materials and energy for manufacturing. Recycling waste from manufacturing and upcycling end of life surfboards.


Contact Name  Brendan Basset
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