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Qualified Materials Greenpoxy 33 + Surf Clear hardener, Surf Clear EVO + Surf Clear hardener
Description Sicomin is a leading formulator and manufacturer of advanced epoxy systems. Their dedicated team possess over 30 years of experience in the production of high quality resins.

From Sicomin’s facility in Southern France they formulate highly specialised, custom made epoxies and off the shelf solutions. They are able to deliver products anywhere in the world and have supply links with the Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Renewable Energy, Sports and Civil Engineering markets throughout Europe, the USA and Asia.

Product Sustainability Info

The bio-content percentage of Sicomin’s fully cured resins differs depending on which hardener is used and the mix ratio required. The table below provides information specific to the uncured resin components.

Greenpoxy 56 Sports & Leisure

  • Environmentally enhanced, clear and waterproof epoxy system with over 50% of the resin’s molecular structure derived from plant and vegetable matter.
  • Achieves tough and hard wearing gloss laminates.
  • Suitable for laminating, injection moulding, filament winding, press processes and casting.




Greenpoxy 33 Sports & Leisure  
  • SRGreenpoxy 33 is the result of the latest innovations in bio-based chemistry.
  • A high performance bio epoxy resin which has over 35% of its molecular structure deriving from plant origin.
  • Clear laminate.
  • High mechanical properties.
  • Excellent wetting out properties resulting in a low resin consumption.



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