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Brand Description Entropy Resins makes thermoset epoxy systems for a new generation of products. Products that not only perform, but also take a crucial step towards lowering Entropy’s impact on the environment.

Entropy’s Super Sap line of epoxy resin products cover a wide range of applications and manufacturing processes. Whether you are a large manufacturer or a do-it-yourselfer, they have a system. 

By employing green chemistry techniques that require less energy and produce less harmful byproducts, Entropy reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from production of their resins by 50% over conventional petroleum based epoxies.
Not all carbon is created equal. Entropy replace petroleum based carbon with renewable plant-based carbon. The raw materials going into their resins are co-products or waste products of other industrially important processes. These materials do not compete with food sources or displace food-based agriculture. Using an international standard method of radio carbon dating, Entropy verify the renewable content of the resins so you know exactly where they come from.

Product Sustainability Info

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Gold Level: Used by the highest-performing sustainable surfboards and builders, who are pushing the envelope of sustainability

SUPER SAP® ONE System is an ECOBOARD Project Gold Level-rated, USDA BioPreferred certified, ambient cure, laminating resin system. Based upon Entropy’s original Super Sap 100/1000 formula, this system features a faster speed, lowered viscosity, and includes quick air-releasing properties ideal for fiber-reinforcement composite laminations and coatings.  Super Sap® ONE was designed to achieve and excellent balance of high performance and industry leading bio-based renewable content.
Super Sap Re-Rez recyclable resin


Gold Level: Used by the highest-performing sustainable surfboards and builders, who are pushing the envelope of sustainability

Super Sap BRT SUPER SAP® BRT Epoxy System is an optically brightened, clear laminating system, designed specifically for ultra white cosmetic applications such as surfboard laminations o

ver EPS (polystyrene) or PU (polyurethane) foam.  Based on Entropy Resins classic CLR – CLEAR Epoxy Resin, SUPER SAP® BRT – Bright Epoxy Resin can be paired with all CLR Clear hardeners.

Super Sap CLR SUPER SAP® CLR Epoxy Resin is Entropy’s high-performance clear coating epoxy resin system.  The CLR system is a water clear, UV stabilized epoxy system for applications that require a low color, low yellowing epoxy resin such as high color applications.  This system features a quick air-release and world-class UV resistance package. SUPER SAP® CLR works with multiple hardeners to match your working parameters.  It has an ideal viscosity for a wide range of applications that use hand layup techniques with fast room temperature cures.


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