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ECOBOARD Manufacturers are helping the surf community choose and use more sustainable surf craft. By registering your brand with the ECOBOARD Project you are making a commitment to offer surfboards built to the ECOBOARD Project Criteria.

We know that without surfboard manufacturers there would be no surf industry. For that reason, we have kept costs very low. To participate in the program, manufacturers (or their material suppliers) are expected to pay $US1 for each lam used. For smaller manufacturers, this fee can be paid annually – after you have built and sold your Ecoboards. Lams can be ordered through our online cart or by emailing us directly.

Only surfboards built to the ECOBOARD Project Criteria can use these labels. 

Sustainable Surf will use the information you provide us to promote your brand on our website and via social media. You can help us by making sure the info is accurate and giving us updates (with photos) on a regular basis. We’ll be in touch!

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  • How are you incorporating sustainable materials and techniques into your boards? What materials are you using? Do you have any policies to reduce or recycle waste, or use renewable energy?
  • What should we post on our website so that customers can buy an Ecoboard from you? Do you sell boards direct, and/or through retailers? Please give key contact information.
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