WAWA Wooden Surfboards


Approved to make Level One ECOBOARDS
Brand Website  http://www.wawawave.com
Brand Description Inspired by the intuited hydrodynamic genius of the ancient Hawaiian board builders,  Wawa Surfboards craft eco-friendly boards using hands, heads and hearts.

“Quality, respect for our roots and a belief in the sanctity of nature are cornerstones in all we design, build and ride.” – Wawa Wooden Surfboards


Surfboard Sustainability
Level One ECOBOARDS using qualifying resins and blanks.

STRINGERS: Locally harvested Karoo Agave or Sisal, as well as locally grown

BLANKS: Erythrina or CoralCORE: Recycled EPS & PU blanks + Recyclable EPS (Produced locally)

RESIN: Entropy Bio Epoxy Resin

CLOTH: Juta or Hessian + Hempcloth + Cork + Ply

Eco+ with each one of Wawa’s boards:
– Wooden leash plugs (locally harvested wood)
– Stringers in each blank is made by us, using locally harvested Karoo Agave or Sisal
– Wawa natural surf wax

Wawa’s latest range of surfboards are made out of EPS with only wood (ply and cork) that are sealed in several layers of oil. No resin and no fiberglass!


Contact Name Cobus Joubert
Contact Phone  (027) 823-7231
Contact Email Surfboards@wawawave.com
 Social Media  Wawa_Wooden_Surfboards
How Should ECOBOARD Orders Come In? Email, website and in person!