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Brand Description Ventana Surfboards & Supplies sells hollow reclaimed wooden surfboards,  bodysurfing handplanes, eco apparel and sustainable surf supplies that are loved by adventurers everywhere.

The Ventana team lives and works in Santa Cruz, California where they test their products on some of the most challenging waves on the planet.

Ventana donates at least 5% of profits to ocean conservation. They are an online store and wholesaler with occasional pop-up shops in California.



Ecoboard Audit Results Ventana’s Santa Cruz-based manufacturing site was audited by Sustainable Surf. The company has effective processes to ensure approved materials are used in Gold Level qualifying boards.
Audit date 08/25/2016
Surfboard Sustainability Ventana’s surfboards are produced from reclaimed, recycled and repurposed materials and finished with Entropy ONE bio-based resin.

Wood is generally locally sourced, up-cycled from waste produced by local organizations – giving each board a unique sustainability story. For example, boards may contain Santa Cruz Guitar Company Indian rosewood, redwood floorboards from a Santa Cruz mansion, Alaskan yellow cedar from Monterey Bay Aquarium benches and walnut offcuts from a cabinet shop in Santa Cruz.

The rails on Ventana’s boards are made of sustainably-sourced oak cork. This not only provides a beautiful aesthetic to each board, it also results in a more robust, impact-resistant structure.

Fins are also handcrafted from reclaimed wood and glassed in Entropy bio-resin.


Energy Ventana applies the same ‘no-waste’ principles that are part of their board manufacturing process to energy management on site.

All machinery and lighting is turned off when not in use, and the layout of the production space takes advantage of natural light.

Being a leased property, Ventana has committed to discussing options for green energy purchasing with the current landlords. With two other Ecoboard builders within the complex – this is a great approach.

Waste Waste is almost completely designed out of the Ventana board building process:
  • Offcuts from the surfboards and handplanes, broken saw blades, old drill bits, used resin brushes and the like are saved for use by a featured, local artist, Chris Allen:
  • Ventana share offcuts and other reclaimed materials for use in the collab boards built with Locus Surfboards:
  • They have used sawdust to make soy wax fire starters and have added it to beach trash bottle candles:
  • They use offcuts from the surfboards in handplanes:
  • Some reclaimed wood that isn’t used in their surfboards and handplanes is used for apparel hangtags (leash cord key chains) coupled with leftovers from the production of Khordz Mugs made by a partner company:
  • Offcuts are also used to create other things, like the 2016 Save The Waves awards this year.
Packaging N/A – Boards are generally hand delivered.
Health and safety In addition to eliminating foam, the exclusive use of bio-epoxy results in a low-VOC process. Appropriate personal protective equipment is used on site.



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