T Patterson


Approved to make Level One ECOBOARDS
Brand Website  http://www.tpattersonsurfboards.com
Brand Description With a long family history in the surfing industry, Father Ronald Patterson and Uncles Robert and Raymond Patterson have been involved in the surf industry since its inception in the 1950’s.
Prior to beginning T. Patterson Surfboards, Timmy started out shaped at Hobie Surfboards in Dana Point California and was involved with all the facets of the manufacturing process during the shaping, laminating, glossing, sanding, and airbrushing. It was there he learned the art of shaping from legends such as Dale Velzy, Chris McElroy, Mickey Munoz and Terry Martin.
Timmy believes that to become an expert in design, development and hand shaping, you must partake in every phase of the surfboard manufacturing stages. He is dedicated to bringing the most functional and modern shapes for any wave conditions and all types of surfing. Timmy oversees production every step of the way from shaping-to-the fine sanding, assuring that your T. Patterson Surfboards will be of highest quality both in shape and performance.

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Surfboard Sustainability Ecoboard Level One boards using qualifying resins and blanks


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