Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS
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Brand Description Superbrand, founded in 2008 by Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, and Ry Craike, is all about progression. By joining a team of young, innovative Surfboard designers—the Superbrand Shapers’ Collective—with a skate-influenced aesthetic and full-board graphics, Superbrand set new standards of excellence in the surfboard industry. Beginning with gaining a core following in the surf community with high quality and unique-looking boards, hype quickly grew.In June 2010 Superbrand launched its first Apparel Collection, an assortment that followed the youthful, progressive, high-quality aesthetic of the Brand. With the bones in place, distribution carefully grew to core markets and fine boutiques in the US, Australia, and select other regions.

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Surfboard Sustainability Level One ECOBOARDS using qualifying resins and blanks.


Contact Name Superbrand Shaper’s Collective
Contact Phone (760)444-9095
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