Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS
Website http://www.pureglass.com
Brand Description PureGlass is a premier manufacturer of surfboards in Southern California. They build boards for shapers all over the world, for garage shapers, for surf shops with their own brand, for FutureFlex, for corporate accounts, and for everyone that wants one of the best quality glass job in the business. PureGlass can build boards at any stage of the process or any method of getting high-quality surfboards in the hands of the customer.

“We can use our on-site shaping machine, we can hand shape, we can glass, we can design and provide graphics, we can employ resin techniques and airsprays, we can sand, gloss and polish, and we can build boards to suit the needs of each and every shaper.”

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Surfboard Sustainability Level One ECOBOARDS using Qualified resins and blanks


Contact Name Jim Chalupnik
Contact Phone  (949) 548-2912
Contact Email jim@pureglass.com
 Instagram  @pureglassinc
How Should ECOBOARD Orders Come In? Direct Phone Call. 949-548-2912