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Aproved to build ECOBOARD Level One
Brand Website http://www.purakai.com/
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PuraKai is an eco-friendly clothing and high performance surf craft manufacturer owned and operated by eco-minded surfers. The Ocean is Our Playground so we feel as “makers” it’s our responsibility to protect it.
PuraKai clothing, surfboards and stand up paddle boards are made locally using organic, recycled and bio-based materials. Their goal is to create products in way that balances the need for consumption with the negative effects on the natural world and oceans.

As members of 1% For the Planet they’ve committed to return a minimum of 1% of revenue to support Ocean Conservation.

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Surfboard Sustainability Ecoboard Level One boards using qualifying resins and blanks

Every board is made with an eps foam core containing 25% recycled content and glassed with bio based epoxy resin.


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