Lignum Surfboards


Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS and Gold Level ECOBOARDS
Brand Description Lignum makes eco-friendly, sustainably sourced hollow wooden surfboards and other surf lifestyle products.

“We have spent a lot of time on R&D to make our boards almost as light as foam boards. We are a small brand with only 2 members (and a dog) so our boards are 100% bespoke and tailored to our customers needs/wants. No stock boards. We do all the designing in house and use our homebuilt wooden CNC machine to make the framework. Shaping and finishing is all done by hand. We are constantly researching for new greener options for glues and resins. We have a wide variety in our customer base from beginners to explorers to veteran surfers”. – Lignum Surf


Ecoboard Audit Results Lignum Surfboards was remotely audited by Sustainable Surf. The company has effective processes to ensure approved materials are used in boards using both Level One and Gold Level ECOBOARD.
Audit date 01/03/2018
Surfboard Sustainability
Lignum’s aim is to make super durable and long lasting surfboards that hopefully you can hand down to the next generation. Based in the UK, they try to use only British grown cedar. If alternative timber is needed for “stringers” and other highlights they only use FSC approved woods.
“Our boards would probably be fine without fibreglass, but we decide to use it to add to the longevity of our boards. We strive for our boards to never see landfill therefore we offer free repairs for any of our products… for life.” – Lignum Surfboards
Energy The farm where the Lignum workshop is based produces onsite electricity through solar panels. Most shaping is done by hand, so a minimum amount of energy is used.
Waste Lignum spends a lot of time selecting the right wood to reduce waste. Most of their sawdust goes into organic composting toilets in local campsites. Useful sized offcuts get turned into other products like skateboards and fins. The remaining scraps get burned in BBQ’s or wood burning stove for heating.
Packaging Lignum ask each customer to supply a board bag of their choice for transport or to collect the board in person
Health and safety Materials are generally safer than those used in ‘foam-based’ surfboards. All employees wear personal protective equipment.

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Contact Name Alen Van Rooyen
Contact Phone +44 (0) 7940923488
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