Garage Surfboards


Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS
Brand Description Endika, shaper of Garage Surfboards, has been making surfboards for 16 years.

Garage offers two different construction methods, The Series (Epoxy resin,recycled eps and bio-tint for logos, non qualified products) and Customs made with Entropy Resin (Supersap-ONE).

garage garage3


Surfboard Sustainability Level One ECOBOARDS using Qualified resins and blanks.

Garage made their own workshop five years ago using recycled materials from boat building companies. They shifted from traditional polyester construction to using recycled EPS from a local Company, (non ecoboardcertified product), Supersap ONE (Certified), limiting plastics (fixed wooden fins and fiberglass leashloops), and finding local recycling options for waste streams


Contact Name Endika Imanol Aguiar Araque
Contact Phone
Contact Email (692) 872-4650
 Instagram garagesurf
How Should ECOBOARD Orders Come In? Order through the online, via phone or come to the factory.