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Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS
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Cobra International is one of the largest OEM manufacturers of composite Watersports equipment in the World, with a strong reputation in their core markets of Windsurfing, Surfing, Stand up Paddle (SUP), and Kitesurfing.The company’s focus is providing customers with production solutions to deliver the highest quality products to meet each customers specific needs.

Leveraging its technology and expertise in fiber-reinforced composites, Cobra also manufactures a wide range of products and accessories for other recreational and industrial applications.

Cobra partners some of the best brands, shapers and designers in the world and bring their premier surfing models to the surfing community.

Stand up Paddle (SUP)
From Entry level flat water boards, to contest winning surf constructions and the fastest race boards on the water Cobra are continuously developing new specific SUP technologies.

Cobra has been building some of the best Windsurfing boards for Windsurfer’s worldwide since 1978.

Cobra has been at the forefront of developing kite-boards for the last 15 years and will continue to develop cutting edge solutions for the kitesurfing market.

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ECOBOARD Audit Results Cobra International’s Thailand manufacturing site was audited by Sustainable Surf.

View a summary of the audit here.

The audit identified that Cobra International has comprehensive systems in place to ensure that boards ‘carrying’ the ECOBOARD label meet the ECOBOARD Project requirements. The organization has sector-leading processes and procedures that ensure boards are made to the ECOBOARD specification, appropriate protections are in place for staff regarding occupational health and safety risks, and broader environmental impacts are considered and managed.

Comprehensive records of the audit results are held by Sustainable Surf.

Audit date 07/19/2017, 06/28/2016
Company Sustainability Cobra International is approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS.

For a full description of Cobra’s sustainability programs and achievements, please refer to their annual sustainability report.

Beyond participation in the ECOBOARD Project, Cobra is actively pursuing an extensive range of environmental initiatives to improve energy inputs, waste and water management, shipping and packaging, and supply chain sustainability.

In 2001, Cobra was certified to ISO 9000  and have now upgraded their quality management systems to ISO 9001:2008. The company believes that safe workplace, good environment, and healthy employees are key drivers of good processes and high quality products.

Cobra believes its success lies in the hands of its employees. Product knowledge and an acute understanding of how product’s are used by customers is very important to product output. Cobra encourages all employees to engage with the water sports products it manufactures through an employee Windsurfing Club, where employees can participate in Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Kayaking and Stand-up-paddle boarding. On any weekend you will regularly see Cobra Staff on the water.

Energy Cobra operates a comprehensive energy management system to minimize energy inputs.
Waste Waste management is a key focus for Cobra. Material use for board production is carefully measured and managed. Foam is made onsite to close tolerances and any waste is recycled. Cobra operates a state of the art waste water management system, ensuring no waste water is released into the environment.
Health and safety Worker health and safety (WHS) is at a very high standard. Cobra has implemented many key activities and programs to promote the improvement of safety. These are integrated into the organization’s QSHE Program, which is fully supported by the CEO and Executive Management Team.