Appletree Surfboards


Approved to build Level One ECOBOARDS
Brand Description Due to surf the small surf on offer in the Netherlands, Appletree design boards that surf well in small conditions. Other brands might say they design a board for “summer” or “gutless” surf, but a gutless day in California or Australia is still considered a good day in the North Sea. So these boards often still don’t work. Appletree specialise in making surfboards for their own, much loved North Sea. But they work equally well in bigger, more powerful surf.

With the kiteboards it’s a little different. When the wind is up, the waves can reach respectable heights. The North Sea is famous and respected for heavy storm conditions. For centuries the best sailors in the world came from the Netherlands and still do. Likewise, some of the best Kitesurfers in the world have their roots firmly in Dutch ground. Appletree’s range of wave kiteboards work in all conditions, from small waves and flat water, to big stormy conditions where control and trust in your equipment is vital.

“As a two brother team, we started producing our first surfboards around 2005 and our first wave kiteboards a few years later. During the first ten years we refined shapes and came up with our own production method that is unique in the world. In 2016 we moved to a bigger production facility and launched our best performing boards to date in Hex Fusioncore and Fusion core. Meanwhile we keep surfing, kitesurfing and working on new shapes for your next board.” -Wieger and Jorrit Buurma



Surfboard Sustainability Level One ECOBOARDS using Qualified Materials.

Appletree Surfboards use Sicomin Epoxy Systems plant-based resin.

The company use XPS foam that is locally produced. Offcuts from the machine-shaping are collected and recycled, with larger offcuts used for packaging of the boards.

Appletree’s aim is to make kiteboards that last longer than any other boards on the market.


Contact Name Wieger Buurma
Contact Phone (062) 845-2416
Contact Email
Instagram @appletreesurfboards
How Should ECOBOARD Orders Come In? Online or through European dealer network.