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In every life there are a lot of changes but also some constants. In my life, one of the constants was always a great love to all kind of boardsports.
Born in 1963  I started skateboarding in the early 70’s  and built my first skatedeck just 2 years later. In the late 70’s windsurfing was pulling me out of the sailboats into a world of resins and fibers and it didn’t take a long time till the first boards have been built. Early 80’s snowboarding hit the snow and my workshop, a few boards where built and custom ones sold to some friends. Late 90’s kitesurfing was the name of the game, great sport but crap equipment, so I had to build my own boards again.
Now after working for 15 years in the sportsmarket I’m sure if you want a perfect board that suits you in all important parameters, the only solution is a custom board. Every stockboard will always be a compromise for most of the people.

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Surfboard Sustainability Level One ECOBOARDS using qualifying resins and blanks


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