DIY x The Underswell = ECOBOARD

Stoked to see our good buddy @derekasabori from The Underswell dropping in on Shaper Studios to DIY shape and glass his own more ocean-friendly surfboard – crafted from Marko Foam recycled blanks and Entropy Resins #supersap bio-epoxy.

Derek A Sabori has been the #green guru at Volcom on sustainability issues for many years, and he’s now started #TheUnderSwell project as a “modern resource guide for your sustainability journey” – so check them out for lots of great ideas about for living your own #DeepBlueLife!

So check out the teaser below – and thanks to director #Nate Peracciny @nateperacciny , @kyletoth and @mattshuster for capturing the essence of their #ECOBOARD mission. #ECOBOARDproject #CarvingNewLines

Music courtesy of @EchoGarden. Special thanks again to @shaperstudios_sd @kyletoth, JPS Composite Materials @entropyresins @markofoamblanks @theunderswell @derekasabori #ShaperStudios #Sustainable #EntropyResins #ECOBOARDproject @shaperstudios