Materials Best Practices

Materials Best Practices

  • Epoxy resin
    • Hot-box to speed up production (E-Tech and CI + Ashley Lloyd/Ventana)
    • How to avoid fish-eyes
    • Avoid skin contact
    • Ask Rey for other ideas
  • Alternative blank materials
    • Marko EPS
    • Arctic Algae
    • Purakai
    • Lemongrass
  • Alternative fibers and reinforcements
    • Replacing fiberglass
      • Flax
  • Flax fiber is being used by many board builders to provide dampening qualities and can be sourced directly from Bay Area company Lingrove. Note: Lingrove is a sister company of Entropy Resins.
  • Colan in Australia
  • Treehouse

Biotex Flax provides high levels of performance, coupled with the ease of processing normally associated with glass-reinforced materials. The materials use low-twist technology to provide a combination of sustainability, performance and processability not previously seen in composites. Compared to glass fibre composites, Biotex Flax offers reduced weight, improved environmental impact, vibration damping, similar specific stiffness and safer handling.

Biotex Flax is available in a range of yarn weights and fabric constructions. The materials can be processed using standard composites manufacturing techniques and are suitable for semi-structural and decorative applications in a range of sectors, including automotive, sports & leisure, consumer goods and construction.

Biotex Flax 200g/m² 2×2 Twill fabric is typically used for lightweight and decorative applications in sporting goods, consumer goods and automotive interiors.


Typical processes for Biotex Flax fabrics include vacuum infusion or resin transfer moulding using either standard resins or bio-based resins. The fabrics can also be pre-pregged, and processing is carried out in the same way as glass fibre.


      • Hemp
      • Bio-glass
      • Basalt fiber
      • Bamboo
  • Deck laminates

Sustainable Sourcing fibre… (FW, Flama…)

    • Wood veneer
    • Bamboo veneer
    • Timbertek (?)
    • Cork
  • Fins
    • Eco-Fin
    • Wood (solid)
    • Wood (compressed particles)
  • Leash
    • Revolwe leash
    • Smart leash
  • Fin/leash plugs
    • Recycled content parts?