Health and Safety Best Practices

Employee health, wellness and safety

  • Best practices for using poly resin
    • Channel Islands
      • UV catalyst uses 25% of the styrene of typical resin (Aaron to double-check that number)
      • Fume capture system at floor level.
      • To ensure proper air flow of fumes away from employees. Tests their environment styrene VOC levels in various locations in the glass shop. Employee wears a badge, which tracks exposure, and is then tested in a lab.
      • Venting: Captured fumes get mixed with ambient air three times. Then strobic fans shoot the fumes (styrene) high into the atmosphere where it dissipates. Alternative is to use charcoal filters, but that’s very expensive because the charcoal becomes hazardous waste. Thinks most shops are venting out the ceiling, but are not likely using strobic fans (which cost $10-20k)
    • Gas mask
    • Acetone best practices
      • research health practices
      • Research acetone recycling
  • Best practices for using epoxy resin
    • Avoid skin contact
    • Good dust capture during sanding
    • Research through conversation with Rey
    • CI
      • Ventilates the room but part of the strobic fan system.