Climate Change

Climate change

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Flama Surf


Flama commissioned a preliminary study in order to control and manage the GHG

emissions produced as a consequence of our activity and our product’s live cicle. This study defines and budgets the type of actions that we should carry out:

– Calculating Flama’s GHG emissions.

– Analyzing the most efficient measures to reduce GHG.

– Compensating Flama’s GHG emissions though the CeroCO2** platform.

– Obtaining the CeroCO2** certified.

The preliminary study estimates that Flama’s activity could generate between 10 to 15 metric tones per

year. Compensating these emissions–at the average price of 8€/ton– could cost around 150-200€/year

through some of the GHG compensation projects promoted by the CeroCO2 platform, held in countries such

as Nicaragua, Peru or India.