The ECOBOARD Project

Surfline News: Sustainable Surfboards: A Primer

Guess what… after so many pros were riding ECOBOARDS at Lowers during the 2016 Hurley Pro, Surfline ran this great feature exploring surfboard sustainability, who’s building ECOBOARDS and what materials they’re using. The important role of the ECOBOARD Project as an independent… Read More

The Inertia: Meet the Sustainable Surfboard of the Future

Sustainable Surf’s Kevin Whilden talks Slater, ocean acidification, Gold Level ECOBOARDS and why it’s important to be kind to Mother Nature. Surfboards built with more sustainable materials work just as well as boards built from 1950s petrochemical technology. Based… Read More

The next evolution of the ECOBOARD Project

Big news today folks! Check out our latest press release announcing the next level changes to the ECOBOARD Project. (September 6th, 2016) Non-profit Sustainable Surf announces the next evolution of the ECOBOARD Project, which is the first independent consumer-facing… Read More

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